jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

The Venus Project

A few weeks ago, a student of mine, Roger Mir, talked to me about The Venus Project.
I didn't know what it was about. I offered him the possibility to publish something related to it in this blog.  He accepted and this is what you are going to read. I have linked some videos and web pages to his text to help the reader to go more in depth about The Venus Project.

The Venus Project is an organization that works towards the implementation of a completely new way of life that may end the actual monetary system. The Venus Project proposes a resource-based economy, where all nations become as one, all the earth resources are declared as a common heritage of all the worlds people and money is no longer used.

 The founder of this Project is Jacque Fresco, who qualifies himself as a "social engineer". Nowadays he is 96-year old and he lived through the great depression of 1929, which made him though that the rules of the monetary system were inefficient, harmful and obsolete.

  An important issue of The Venus Project is its proposal of changing human values, and changing language (Fresco claims that our language today is extremely subject to interpretation, so a language specific and clear such as math's language should be created). It is also important the process of the automation of boring and repetitive jobs (it is said that nowadays, with our extremely advanced technology, the 80% of jobs could be easily replaced by machines) so that human beings remain free to study, create or investigate whatever they want. With that, a new and powerful incentive would be created.

  In my very own and informed opinion (I've been investigating and watching some videos about The Venus Project) I think that The Venus Project itself is a great idea that could work. Which is extremely difficult is the transition between the capitalistic system and the resource-based system. Not just the opposition of banks and corporations, but the great skepticism of people.

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¡¡me ha encantado la idea...!! aunque por desgracia, según el sistema actual, todo lo que no genere dinero, no se tiene en cuenta.